Propane Powered Freightliner Vehicles

Diesel is expensive. It’s an undeniable fact. But you may not know that propane is an effective alternative to diesel even for heavy vehicles like garbage trucks and buses. The benefits of propane-powered vehicles include:

  • Significantly lower fuel costs
  • Increased engine life
  • On-site refueling
  • Clean, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) friendly emissions

Cost Savings and Less Maintenance

What do you save by switching to propane? A lot. In addition to sheer fuel costs, you’ll also lower your maintenance bills by taking fewer trips to the service shop. There’s also a tax credit you can take advantage of that will reduce your expenses even further.

  • Annual fuel costs for propane-powered trucks are nearly three times lower than diesel trucks
  • Cleaner engines allow for extended service intervals
  • Receive a tax credit of 50 cents per gallon of propane (pending legislation)

Still Not Convinced?

  • Propane and diesel trucks are virtually equal in cost, and diesel engines are actually more expensive
  • Propane-powered trucks last longer with less maintenance than diesel trucks
  • 90% of propane used in the United States comes from U.S. sources

Propane trucks can be conveniently purchased through any Freightliner dealership. Contact Lampton-Love and we will be happy to direct you to these dealerships and help you throughout the inquiry and purchasing processes.

To calculate how much you will save by converting to propane, visit our Freightliner Savings Calculator.

Propane Freight Truck Specifications

There’s power in propane.

  • 8.0 liter LPG
  • 325 horsepower
  • 60 gal. 16” x 97“ LPG fuel tank

Propane can be used to power school buses, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and more! Maximize the efficiency of your vehicle fleet by switching to propane.