Energy Saving Tips

By choosing propane and implementing these energy saving tips, you can heat your home efficiently and reduce your energy bill.

  • Schedule a tune up. Residential heating systems need regular maintenance. Ask us about a home heating system inspection to help your system operate at its peak efficiency. A properly working heating system is more efficient and will save you money.
  • Change your furnace filter monthly. Clean filters help your heating system work more efficiently.
  • Dial back your thermostat. You can cut annual heating bills by as much as 10 percent per year by turning your thermostat back 10-15 percent for eight hours per day.
  • Get a timer. Investing in a furnace thermostat timer saves you money by lowering your home’s temperature when you’re not at home.
  • Reduce air leaks (drafts). Caulk and apply weather stripping to your windows, doors and other openings. You can locate drafts by holding a tissue up to doors and window frames to see if it moves.
  • Inspect ductwork. Check for any leaking air, especially around joints. If you find any leaks, use silver metal duct tape to seal them. You can save up to 10 percent of your heating costs by eliminating duct leaks.
  • Inspect your crawl space. If you have a crawl space, inspect it regularly to ensure insulation is dry. When insulation gets wet, it’s not effective. Be sure to find the source of moisture and replace the damaged insulation.
  • Install double-pane windows or storm windows. If you have single-pane windows or older windows that you can’t replace, try winterizing window kits that use plastic sheeting.
  • Watch those fans. Use kitchen, bath, and other ventilating fans wisely. In just 60 minutes, these fans can pull out a houseful of warmed or cooled air. Turn fans off as soon as they have done the job.
  • Keep your vents unobstructed. Arrange furniture and draperies so they do not block radiators, vents or baseboard units.
  • Make sure hot water lines in your basement are insulated.
  • Discuss payment options with us. We will help you spread your projected annual cost of propane over many months, lowering the costs of seasonally higher bills.